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Life Coach Mike Muldoon host of the Shut Up Get Up Podcast and co-host of The Big Three Astrology Podcast/Youtube weekly forecast

Meet Mike

Co-host Big Three Podcast 

Cancer rising, Pisces moon, Libra sun.

For years, Mike has been a source of inspiration, motivating individuals to unlock their fullest potential. During his time in England, he embarked on a journey of coaching American football, an endeavor that ultimately guided him towards the realm of Life Coaching.

Having successfully obtained his Life Coach qualification, Mike's dedication to aiding others has only grown stronger. It's evident that helping people is more than just a profession to him; it's a genuine passion.

As the host of "The Mike Muldoon Show" podcast and a co-host on the "Big Three Astrology Podcast," Mike engages audiences with his unique perspectives.

Moreover, his talents extend to podcast and YouTube video production, showcasing his proficiency in these creative domains. Feel free to explore his podcast here and witness his multifaceted skills firsthand.

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