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Our Story


Recognizing the challenge of finding astrology gifts that acknowledged our Big Three, we made the call to establish a shop and craft our own products right here in North Carolina. This move soon evolved into a broader collaboration of our skills, resulting in event production,  providing the weekly forecast, and even teaming up with other professionals for our weekly podcast to share experiences. Take a peek right here.

Lake Landscape

The Astrologer and the Life Coach



Emmaleen is an astrologer, having worked with clients around the world for the past eight years helping them to further understand their birth charts.


Mike is a life coach, people are his jam. Mike started his coaching life as a football coach and transitioned over to working with clients to support their dreams and help ultilize their skills. 

Recognizing the connection between life coaching and astrology was the first step in forming this company, bringing people together through events, podcasts and making astrology gifts that cater for the individuals that we are. 


Our products bring artistic, beautiful zodiac images together in a personalized look.

After all, anyone who knows astrology understands that we are more than just our sun signs. This products aim to give you a reminder of your unique blue print, your birth chart by capturing your Big Three!


Mike and Emmaleen live in the North Carolina sunshine with their two children.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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