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1st thing to know...

It is best to read for your rising sign.

1st thing to know...

Not many people know this, but when reading your horoscope, your rising sign and not your sun sign is the most accurate way to look at your transits (the energy that comes around you at any given time).

What's my rising sign? you may say. Well we can calculate an exact astrology chart for any individual by using the using the time, date, and location of birth. A birth chart will then show your rising sign as well as the signs that all the other planets are in; for example, your sun may be in Libra, but your moon may be in Pisces. When you know where your moon and your rising sign is, it can really help to piece together your personality traits and needs.

Your chart can then be used to see what transits lay ahead for you; the movement of the planets above every day will be affecting your individual chart. A reading can give you an exact indication of what is in store for the months and year ahead.

If you know your rising sign, please read the sign for that. If you only know your sun sign, then you can still use it. If you want some help finding your rising sign, you can go online and search for a free online calculator to create your birth chart. If you need help, you are more than welcome to contact me. I am happy to assist you to find your chart and work out your rising sign.

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