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Astrology for August

August has a lot of astrological energy buzzing away. The month starts with a bang on the 1st August with the Uranus, North Node and Mars conjunction. These three coming together is a super rare, once in a lifetime event. It makes for one fast paced, action-packed week. There will be surprises, they may seem challenging but ultimately they will be there to shift us onto our life's path and forward to our destiny. These changes fall at 18 degrees of Taurus, so look to that house to see which part of your life is changing. These changes may be profound but you may have sensed them coming over the last few weeks.

On August 11th we have a full moon in Aquarius, this is a supermoon and provides opportunity to release friendships and associations that have run their course or to embrace the acumination of friendships that you have built over the past eighteen months.

Watch out for stationing Uranus on August 24th, when a planet stations it amplifies the feeling of that planet. Meghan Markle has Uranus stationing in her chart so her chart will be activated by this transit. In your own charts look at what was changing at the beginning of August to see how it might evolve. Also at the time Uranus is stationing, we can see major earth events such as earthquakes, this will be active for five days before and five days after the 24th August.

Finally, on the 27th August, we have a new moon in Virgo, this is an excellent opportunity to start a new healthy eating regime, habit or work project. Use that Virgo energy to grow and improve your work and health.

If you want to know how this energy is activation your own birth chart, get in touch and book a reading.

Until next time, enjoy this rocking energy.

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