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Astrology For December

What is going on in December? Well for starters we still have that Mars in retrograde. This can feel very frustrating. We are being held back, it is like a rubber band that is being pulled back and unable to be released. There is tension. Rest assured and I know this is hard to do, I too have to listen to my own advice, once Mars starts to move forward again on January 12th we will move forward with clarity. We will have found the knowledge we need. Our frustrations are communicating important messages. What we plan now may not be the way we end up doing it. Use this as the dreaming and planning phase.

We are officially out of eclipse season now and so the intensity of the last month has now passed. The new and full moon this month won't be as crazy! The full moon in Gemini this moon on the 7th December will be right there next to our unhappy Mars, watch for emotional releases or outbursts. Definitely avoid situations that could lead to conflict that day.

On December 20th Jupiter moves into Aries, this is big news. Jupiter moves into Aries every 12 years, it had a brief stint in Aries earlier this year from May to October, now it is back in the sign for it's final few months. With Jupiter here we want to act, get things done, sometimes we can act too soon. But it is great for putting ourselves first. The area of your life that you were working on in the summer will be back in review. We are starting to move forward, albeit we won't fully move until Mid-January.

The sun moves into Capricorn on December 21st, for the month that follows we will be looking at what we want to grow, our long term goals and creating stability. This month's new moon in Capricorn falls in the early hours of December 23rd, there is a build up of planets in Capricorn on that day, with Venus there especially we will be focused on growing what we love and nurturing our finances.

This New Year's Eve there will be a powerful pull to write down and plan our new year intentions. Venus is next to Pluto, this is asking ourselves how we need to change and what do we need to do to grow what we love?

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