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Astrology For February

Hello friends,

February is well and truly under way and things are moving along fast. So fast that it has taken me a few days to get to this month's newsletter! February is really the percussor to March, we are getting ready for the fastest, biggest month of the year. All the major planets are now moving forwards and that means so are we. The Full Moon in Leo today, February 5th is a great time to let go what no longer serves us and move on to what you need and allowing yourself to shine and tap into what your heart wants, not your head.

On February 11th Mercury moves into Aquarius, this is a time when we all start to think radically and embrace the new, exciting and alternative. We are really getting ready for the Aquarian age that is starting next month.

The new moon this month takes place on February 20th in Pisces, this is a dreamy moon that connects us to what we really want to build, pay attention to what YOU want and what YOU need, this will help to set us all on the right path forward. To hear more on this new moon you can watch my YouTube video.

This month you can join Jim Dellicolli and I for our monthly astrology workshop that now takes place online. Sunday 26th February at 6:30pm. Buy your ticket here via Eventbrite.

Happy February everyone!



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