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Astrology for January

January may be the new year, but as far as the astrology is concerned, we are not ready to move forward with our plans quite yet!

That’s not to say that this year will be slow and quiet, quite the opposite, it is an action packed year that will move at quite a speed. Once March gets here we will be struggling to keep up! So enjoy this period of calm now, enjoy this time of preparation and planning. Mars will finally be moving direct this month on January 12th, that will start the beginning of the movement. Mars has been retrograde for a long time, since Halloween, that has caused frustration and even anger at times. What is good about this frustration and the set backs is that once we do start to move forward, we will have the knowledge we need to do so. This retrograde period has been great for showing us what we need to grow and what we need to learn.

Mercury is also retrograde this month, it was retrograde when we started January and it will stay so until January 18th. Do not fear Mercury retrograde. It’s not a time for doom, it’s a wonderful time to research, revise and redo, work out the details of what needs to be done, tie up loose ends and get tasks completed. Caution does need to be taken when buying expensive electronics in this period as they may not work well. Also watch out for old friends and lovers making contact or coming back into our lives. If we start something on a Mercury retrograde it may end up changing, for example signing a contract or starting a job, it may not stay the way it started. You could get up in a different position within the company or altering the contract signed. Again, not something to fear, I’ve often seen this work out to the person’s advantage.

The new moon this month will fall at 1 degree of Aquarius on the 21st January. This is a great time for growing friendships, associations, work relationships as well as bringing out our originality for all to see.

Happy January folks and happy 2023, I wish you all a wonderful time!

Much Love,


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