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Astrology for July

Summer is in full swing and so is the astrology! This July we will see the sun move from homely, sensitive caring Cancer to bold, creative, fun loving Leo on July 22nd. This will shift our energy, your focus should be you and what you want.

The new moon in Leo at the end of the month on July 28th will be the prefect opportunity to hone in creative new beginnings. Use this new moon to set out your intentions in terms of self growth, fun and what speaks to your heart.

Today, on July 5th we have two planets changing signs. When a planet changes sign we feel the shift, especially when it is a personal planet. Mars has moved into Taurus, giving us constant, grounded, sustainable growth. Our energy won't be moving as fast buy we will be taking steps towards what we want to grow.

Mercury has moved into Cancer, this gives us sensitive, caring communication with others. Mercury in cancer will be answering to the moon, which changes signs every two and a half days. What you want to talk about one day may not be the case the next. If people are touchy or emotional, remember you know astrology, leave them be!

The Full Moon we have on July 13th opens the way for profound healing, this followed by Chiron going retrograde on July 19th gives us the chance to reflect on our healing journey. To hear more about this Full Moon see my YouTube video.

On July 28th, Jupiter moves retrograde and will eventually move back into Pisces, giving us all a chance to finish up the spiritual, Intuitive cycle that Jupiter has thrown up in your chart.

The last and probably the biggest aspect for this month is the Uranus and the north node meeting up on July 31st. This will last for a couple of days. This will bring energy that shakes things up, Uranus is the maverick of the zodiac so we never know quite what to expect. This unsettling energy may feel intense but it will lead us to our destiny and bring about the good changes that need to come through.

If you are in Charlotte this month and want to join me for an in person event, drop in at;-

Wednesday 6th July at 5:30pm, Ahlara International, Mooresville.

This is a drop in workshop, all levels are welcome. We will discuss the astrology for the month ahead and how it works with your chart.

Sunday 31st July at 6:30pm, In Tune Soul Sangha on Cornelius

Join me and Jim Dellicolli to see how the new moon is lighting up your chart this month. No prior knowledge of astrology is needed to attend this class.

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