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Astrology for September

September is here already! Now as my husband Michael says, we are downhill to Christmas! It will be here before we know it.

The astrology may help to make this seem fast-paced, as October and November are very big times indeed. More about that next month. For now lets concentrate on September as we prepare for the months ahead.

This month we will have Mercury retrograde in Libra, from September 9th to October 2nd. During this time we will be revisiting and revising parts of our life, in particular how we communicate with our loved ones. There is often a lot of fear and hype over Mercury retrograde periods which is unwarranted. We do not need to fear change. Often we end up with a much better outcome after we revised we were working on. For more information on Mercury retrograde check out my short YouTube video on the subject.

We have a dreamy Pisces Full moon on September 10th, this is a great time to release and let go of what no longer serves us. Pay attention to your intuition as this will give you the best guidance here.

On September 22nd, we have the sun move into Libra as well as the Autumn Equinox. This is shifting our energy, the focus now on building harmony and connection with others, nature and beauty. Surround your home with some Fall décor that you find beautiful.

This month's new moon is in Libra on the 25th September, this is a great time for setting new intentions for new collaborations, partnerships or working on beauty projects. Make sure to write down your wishes and intentions within eight hours of this new moon to give it full affect.

If you want to know more about how the astrology is affecting your chart directly, please get in touch.

If you are in the Charlotte area and want to come to one of my in person workshops this month you can find me at the following locations.

Ahlara International, Mooresville - Wednesday 7th September at 5:30-7pm

Town of Davidson - Sunday 11th September at 1pm

In Tune Soul Sangha, Cornelius - Sunday 18th September at 6:30pm with Jim Dellicolli

All of these classes are drop in, no experience or knowledge is needed to attend.

Until next month, take care and lots of love,


PS - Did you know that you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube at Emmaleen's Astrology for regular updates throughout the month?

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