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May 2022

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

May is here. April was a busy month for me with lots of teaching and of course the Soul Expo here in Charlotte. May isn't set to slow down either. I have several workshops that are coming up this month. I hope to see you at one of them! Here is the astrology for the month of May. We are in eclipse season, as you may have felt. This energy is very intense. Everyone is feeling this and it can really affect us in a serious way. Give people their space if it looks like they need it, these eclipses can hit us hard and wake us up. The first eclipse happened in Taurus on 30th April. The second takes place in Scorpio on 16th May. If you have your sun, moon or rising in these signs. You’ll feel particularly activated by these eclipses. Eclipses ignite endings and beginnings. They are great at course correcting. If you haven’t been on the right path. They have a way of taking you where you’re meant to go. The eclipse energy can also linger on for six months after the event. Also this month we will have Mercury go retrograde on May 10th, until June 2nd. Do not be scared of this period. I have had many clients who tell me that they are scared to travel or continue on with their lives during the Mercury craziness. Live your life as normal. Just be prepared to revisit things that are started in this time. If you sign a contract for example, it may come to be revised at some point. I had a client sign an employment contract when Mercury went retrograde, a week later she was told that there was a mistake, the pay had to be adjusted, it was too low! Delays can be common when traveling so maybe bear that in mind. One thing I would advise against is buying electronics. They never seem to work correctly and can blow up after a short life span so wait until later in June to make those big electronic purchases. Book at reading to see where in your chart these eclipses are happening for you. This week, in honor of Mother’s Day this weekend I have a promo code. Use Mom2022 to book a reading and receive 20% off a service. You can find me this month teaching at the following places;- Astrology 101. An introduction to the basics of astrology and how it operates with your chart. The Town of Davison, on 15th May. Monthly Astrology workshop, with Jim Dellicolli. See what astrology has in store for the month ahead. No prior knowledge is needed to attended. At In Tune Soul Sangha, in Cornelius, on the 22nd May. And then again at Ahlara international, in Mooresville, on 5th June. Join me for the Monthly Astrology workshop. See what astrology has in store for the month ahead by looking at charts from members of the class. No prior knowledge is needed to attended. All the best for this coming month. As always, get in touch with any questions. much happiness, Emmaleen

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