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Astrology For October

October is here! This beautiful time of year will be full of lots of astrological energy. In fact, all year we have been talking about how intense this October and November will be. For more detail on the current astrology you can watch my latest YouTube video on the subject. In the meantime, here is a snapshot of the energy for the month ahead.

We start of the month with Mercury moving direct on the 2nd October, communication and electrical problems swill start to ease up. Don't go buying any large expensive electrical items for another few weeks though as Mercury will still be in it's shadow.

This month's Full moon is in Aries on the 9th October, this is a great opportunity top release things that no longer serve YOU. Look to how you want to lead and take control, has that been restricted at all?

October 23rd marks the start of Scorpio season, the sun making its; annual passage into Scorpio for the month. Look what we get passionate and intense about, This is a great time to use your energy to focus on your projects.

On the 25th October we have the biggest aspect of the month, it is a new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio. This will fall at 2 degrees of the sign. You can look at your chart to see specifically how this will affect you. Eclipses are a time of change, they are often "course correctors". They can throw us onto the path we are meant to be on, sometimes in a not so gentle way. If an eclipse falls on a personal point of your chart or planet then it will be even more dramatic for you. With the new Scorpio energy we are really seeing themes around intimacy, control, power and working out what we want from the inside-out.

We end the month with a bang, Mars will move retrograde on October 30th. This can be a difficult time as the planet of action, war and aggression is acting out of character. It is being held back and so it is frustrated. This retrograde will last until January 12th, watch for how you handle this energy. As it falls in the sign of Gemini it can involve hasty, angry words.

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