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February 2022

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

It‘s the Lunar new year! Welcome the tiger!

Hello everybody,

Welcome to the February newsletter. We start off the month with the new moon in Aquarius. This new moon marks the new year for many in different places around the world. It is also the lunar new year and with it we bring in the energy of the tiger. We say goodbye to the Ox, and the steady, hardworking, growing energy that it brings and we move on to the fierce, go-get-it, tiger vibe.

The new moon in Aquarius asks us to look at what we want to build within our friendship circles, groups and associations. It also is a good chance to look at what we hope and wish for. The beginning of the month will be the last chance we get to dream for a while, as when Mercury moves direct on February 3rd, all the planets will be moving forward and it will feel like there is no stopping us. Even if you don't feel ready, you'll be moving forward.

Mercury stationing direct again signifies the end of mercury retrograde. Any contracts that you have entered into over the 21 days beforehand may be up for renewal at some point in the future. When a planet stations we feel its energy for a few days either side, so this first week of February may seem like we are talking to our friends a lot, writing more, reading more, using our minds.

Venus is also moving direct again, albeit slowly at first. I would still wait until March if you wanted have a photoshoot or cosmetic surgery, as the planet of love and beauty will be up and running at full steam again by then. Venus and Mars will come together this month on February 16th, when these two opposites come together we can often see a creative outburst. It can also add a passionate intensity to existing relationships. If you are single, it can bring about the beginning of a new relationship.

Mars is now a very happy planet as it has moved into Capricorn and will stay there until March. We now have the drive, ambition and action of Mars in the sign of building, focus and discipline. This Mars energy gets the job done, use it to ignite a project that you want to finish.

Build, move, act. This month is pulling us in that direction.

If you are in the Charlotte area, I will be at Ahlara International in Mooresville, for our monthly astrology workshop, on February 20th at 2pm. To book please use this link

I am also pleased to announce that I will be at The Soul Expo in Charlotte on April 30th. For tickets and more information you can visit the website here;

Final announcement. I am excited to share that I will be writing the monthly horoscope column for the Huntersville Living magazine. Look out for me in the March edition!

Much love and best wishes,


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