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Hello, I'm


            Emmaleen Muldoon

Leo rising, Gemini moon and Libra sun. 

I work with clients to help them decipher the magic from within their birth chart and discuss the upcoming transits. 

I provide consultations over zoom. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.


In the meantime, check out my weekly podcast for your regular astrology updates. 

My Story



Once I was in the class I quickly realized that I didn't really know what astrology was! The same way that many others do not understand it at first. We are all feed a diet of pop culture sun sign horoscopes and so it is easy to understand how we could misinterpret the subject. 

The teacher asked for my birth information to create my birth chart. This is what I now like to call the soul's fingerprint. A unique snapshot of an induvial.

He then started to interpret my chart, using the language of astrology, dissecting the planets in my chart by their sign and placement. I was stunned. 

"How do you know this I asked?". The lawyer inside of me wanting answers. He gave me one that surprised me. Astrologers don't talk to spirits to get information, although that might helpful if we could. He said, "I learnt it by studying, by reading books." 

"Which books" I asked, again another question. I was simply hooked. I went away from that class and began studying immediately. I haven't gone a day without studying since. 

I am often asked, how did I discover astrology? 
I previously worked as lawyer in London and New York, so it is quite the career change.
 In 2014 I had my first child we moved to Charlotte, NC. I was a stay at home parent for a while. I saw an astrology class advertised on a flier in my local town. I thought it would be  a little fun and some give me a bit of "me time" so I went.
Jupiter had just crossed my ascendant, so I was being given a gift (I didn't know that at the time).

I continued my classes with Jim Dellicolli and also studied with Anne Ortelee. I then enrolled in the London School of Astrology and took classes with Frank Clifford. 

Studying this ancient language was a challenge and a joy,  now I enjoy a practice of helping others all around the world by reading their charts and telling them their unique strengths, skills and gifts. A reading is also able to look at the transits that are coming up, seeing what energy is in store. 

Astrology is energy, we work with it how we choose, I often say that even if I wasn't giving a reading to that person that they would still be encountering that energy. Astrology is a useful tool as it makes us aware and also gives us the dates and timings. Transits are temporary. It is sometimes good to be reminded of that. 


Emmaleen's natal chart reading was so incredibly accurate that I would recommend her to anyone who would be curious to understand their life path, the root of occurrences, the "unexplainable" events that we are confronted to at different times in our life, and get an overall personal personality profile. I did not have to say a word to Emmaleen's as she was reading my chart and I was in aw about the accuracy. It helped me to understand these past 7 years of my life and re affirmed my believes about career path and purpose. Thank you so much for this fantastic experience!

- Maria R 

Emmaleen is amazing! I was and still am really happy with my reading. The amount of detail she gave and the fact that she said stuff about my childhood that was true that I didn't tell her was super cool. She also gave input on my present and thoughts for the future. Her energy is very calming. Highly recommend!!!

 - Kami C

A bundle of knowledge and an incredible experience.

-Ricardo o

"While starting two new businesses after a tough divorce, it was easy to feel lost and rudderless. I knew that having a better understanding about which forces led me here, and the energies at play in my life ahead would help to guide me forward. Emmaleen’s readings have helped me understand where I came from, and what to prepare for in the future. She also has a way of simplifying the language of Astrology for an intimidated beginner like me. The best part is that I now have a better picture of who I truly am, and not who I was taught to be.  It is very empowering. Thank you Emmaleen!" 

- AJ 

"Emmaleen has a wonderful ability to both understand and interpret astrology, whilst delivering it in a palatable form that is easy to digest for the layman! Personally, I find astrology incredibly useful and thought provoking. With the understanding of how the planets affect our energy, we can then use this information to decide how we want to react and determine our paths/destiny. Astrology can be very anchoring at times of emotional upheaval or times of uncertainty. Emmaleen has a natural flare at putting people at their ease whilst talking about the vital areas of people’s life. She is sensitive and uses her instincts well to deliver a very honest and helpful reading." 

 - Lucie 

"Through my husband’s work, I was lucky enough to have been acquainted to Emmaleen. Being a little interested in Astrology, however not knowing a lot, I was intrigued when Emmaleen was able to accurately identify aspects of my husband’s personality and his traits to great depth. Having been going through a rough period of time where I found myself questioning my personal goals in life, not only as a wife but also as a mother, I was feeling great anxiety and pressure to answer these questions without having real solutions. I was determined to relocate my true self and identify my problems and so I wanted to reach out to Emmaleen to help me reach those ambitions. 

Throughout Emmaleen's reading, I was enabled to really re-connect to my true self. Emmaleen was able to tell me my childhood traits and how they had developed into my adulthood and seeing the advantages and disadvantages of these. She was also able to spark determination in me when she specified that all of my hard work and relentless effort that is aimed towards my family and especially my children had not been going to waste. My children were also described to an amazing level of accuracy from my eldest daughter to my youngest, despite all having completely different characters. This was more than enough to make my belief in Astrology stronger than ever. Through Emmaleen’s indescribable gift, I was able to find out how long this internal war was going to continue and how to tackle it to the best I can to overcome it. I could not have been happier to write Emmaleen this testimony with full enthusiasm towards Astrology and would recommend this amazing insight to everybody out there."  - Besa 

I truly enjoyed my Astrology Reading with Emmaleen! She is very knowledgeable and she makes you feel very comfortable. I do readings often because it helps me see how to approach the world. If you are looking for a Astrologer, I highly recommend Emmaleen.

-Giovanna F 

I found Emmaleen via google search for astrologers near me. I emailed her after reading her website bio, which I really connected with, and asked if she would be willing to do a birth chart reading. Her pricing was very reasonable and her reading very insightful. I love astrology, but my actual knowledge for the inner workings is extremely limited. She took her time, explained things thoroughly, and answered any questions that I had. She validated a lot of what I’ve already experienced (been experiencing) and made me aware of areas where I could be focusing more attention or doing a bit more investigation. It was kind of like having a mediator for a conversation with my inner self. I really couldn’t be more pleased. If you’re struggling with something in your personal life I highly recommend a reading with Emmaleen. Her desire to help me find my answers was apparent and I could not be more grateful.

-Shannon B 

Wow! I was blown away by my reading with Emmaleen. I had no idea the depth this really goes. It is beyond just reading your horoscope or a palm reading. The chilling accuracy and pretty spot on things in my chart, covering the past, present, and future was astonishing. I remember always reading about famous people contacting their Astrologer and always thought it was a fluff thing rich people did. Nope. This is very real and not for entertainment purposes. Emmaleen knows her stuff, walks you through your chart with all her insightful knowledge. I am very much a believer and have a way better understanding of what astrology was truly meant for. I seriously want to buy her services for loved ones in my close circle because I find it very much useful. If you are on the fence about having your charts read, I politely will tell you to get off the fence, and choose the side that says yes. It is one of the best investments you can make!
- Jennifer E

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