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Welcome to my consultation page.

I am so glad you are here.  An astrology reading is a great tool to gain a deeper understanding of your wants, needs and skills, how you connect emotionally and your life's direction and purpose. 


Looking ahead at transits we can also see what is coming up for us in the months and years ahead. Astrology is a helpful tool for looking at cycles and life events. Transits are only temporary and so maximizing how to work and gain through the energy and knowing how long you have to work with it is very useful.

Readings are conducted online by zoom and a recording is sent out after. The session fee for any consultation includes the preparation time for the chart reading.

If you don't see a time or date that works for you due to time zone differences or your work patterns, please email me directly at to figure out a time that will work.

Your privacy is important to you and it is important to me as well. All astrological consultations remain private and confidential between astrologer and client. 

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